Rapeseed cake is a source of high-quality feed protein well balanced in amino acid composition. Therefore, it plays an important role in protein nutrition of animals. This is a valuable component of the livestock diet and an essential source of protein – the content of raw protein in terms of absolutely dry substance is 37%. It also contains fiber, vitamins E and B, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals.

Rapeseed cake is a unique protein supplement for all age and gender groups of cattle. This is a milk-making feed that balances the feeding ration on protein and metabolic energy, increases milk yield, average daily gains and prevents loss of live weight of milking cows, increases protein and fat content of milk.

Due to the better protein digestibility, it allows to optimize livestock feeding — the use of rapeseed cake in dairy farming leads to increase in the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the final product, i.e., the yield increases and the protein composition of milk improves.

Our livestock specialist will advise you on the use of rapeseed meal in diets.
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