Rapeseed oil

Our company specializes in the production of rapeseed oil. Our goal is to deliver rapeseed oil and salad dressings of the highest quality to the customer’s table. Our oil contains an ideal for health ratio of 1:2 of OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 acids, and the content of harmful saturated fatty acids is 50% less than in olive oil. Lebyazhsky Plant of Vegetable Oils carries out a full production cycle – from crop sowing to sending the product to store shelves. We are the largest rapeseed oil production plant in the region.
We use only modern varieties and hybrids of rapeseed from domestic and foreign producers. The content of erucic acid in both raw materials and oil does not exceed 0.05%. According to GOST 31759-2012, the content of erucic acid should not exceed 2%.

In the production of oil, we only use the cold pressing method – when using this method of oil production, unlike other methods, the processing temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius and no chemical solvents are used. It allows us to save all the useful natural substances and give the oil a rich taste.

We use modern European equipment for rapeseed processing. The entire production process is fully automated and controlled by highly qualified specialists.

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